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Deliver CIS Level 1
compliance, instantly
and effortlessly.

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One click for CIS Level 1 compliance. It’s that easy.

SecureMyDesktop introduces an effective process that turns hours of manual work into minutes of automated expediency. Here’s how it works:

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Scan one or multiple computers to see their initial compliance score.

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If needed, override the settings that are disabled by default on each computer.

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This one simple click will bring each selected computer into compliance.

Deploy the worlds most powerful CIS Level 1 compliance application.

No Downtime
Management Portal
Automatic Updates
Scales To Any Size Business
3 Minute Install
Live Device Information

The affordable solution for CIS Level 1 compliance.

Free Scan

Get a free compliance scan and rating!


  • Scan device for rating

  • Create restore point

  • Update security settings

  • Support

Retail Version

Price includes 1 subscription per device*


*Billed annually

  • Scan device for rating

  • Create restore point

  • Update security settings

  • Support

MSP Version

Become a SecureMyDesktop reseller and tap into a growing market for robust compliance solutions. Offer your clients a comprehensive compliance solution without the major costs associated with deployment and management.

OS: Windows 10 and 11, all editions are supported (64-bit required)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 500 Mb required for download and install
Other: .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 (comes bundled with installer)

Discover the features of SecureMyDesktop and start simplifying compliance management.

Automated Compliance Checks

SecureMyDesktop automates the process of evaluating systems against CIS Level 1 benchmarks, scanning desktops to identify vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and potential security gaps.


Less manual work and invaluable time saved for MSPs.

Real-time Monitoring

SecureMyDesktop continuously monitors system security postures, providing real-time alerts and notifications when detecting any deviation from the CIS Level 1 standard.


Quick mitigation of potential security risks and a more secure environment for MSP clients.

Remediation and Patch Management

SecureMyDesktop offers an integrated remediation management system, including recommendations and guidance to address non-compliant configurations.


A simplified remediation process that enables MSPs to bring quick resolutions and compliance guarantees.

Comprehensive Reporting

SecureMyDesktop generates detailed compliance reports, providing full visibility into system security status and demonstrating adherence to CIS Level 1 standards during audits or regulatory inspections.


Enhanced transparency and increased trust in client interactions.

Centralized Dashboard

SecureMyDesktop features a centralized dashboard, enabling MSPs to monitor the compliance status of all client systems from a single application.


Efficient management, reduced complexity, and ability for MSPs to scale their compliance offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I want to undo some of the optional updates I selected!

You can just run the update again and select the correct options this time, it will correct them for you.

How do I undo all of the updates?

We created a system restore point on your computer before you updated it, follow this tutorial on how to perform a restore from a system restore point. We created a restore point named, “SecureMyDesktop”, for you to use.

What exactly does this compliance update do?

Secure My Desktop updates your computer to be in line with CIS Level 1 Benchmarks for compliance. You can learn more about it here.

Does this only update local settings on the device?

Yes, SecureMyDesktop only updates the local settings on a device. If you have a domain joined device, any group policy that conflicts with registry settings applied by SecureMyDesktop will be overwritten.

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