Secure My Desktop

Innovative CIS compliance software to secure your device to CIS Level 1 Benchmark standards.


No Subscriptions

Secure My Desktop is a one time payment, perpetual license. No need to worry about recurring fees. We dislike subscriptions just as much as you do!

Restore is Always Ready

Not satisfied with the changes made to your computer? Too many complications with your network and CIS Level 1 Benchmark? Every time you run updates, we create a restore point for you to revert to.

CIS Level 1 Benchmark Compliance

With Secure My Desktop, you can achieve CIS Benchmarking in minutes. No need for late nights researching all the guidelines, we got you covered. Learn more about the CIS Benchmarks.


Starting out and need help? Once you purchase Secure My Desktop Professional, we provide support for you in any case that you need assistance. Refer to our support page to get more information.

CIS Level 1 Simplified

For the past 20 years, we have been securing devices for our clients with CIS Level 1. However, we always found that the process was tedious and expensive, leaving us longing for a solution to counteract these problems.

With the process being static for the most part, we started with minor scripts to handle all of the main settings with minor settings still being done manually. Once we reached this point, we understood that this could be turned into software that anyone could use this secure desktop software and not just us.

Now we had a goal in mind, and we began the development of what you see today, Secure My Desktop.

Through the development process, we were able to convert a process that takes ~10 hours to do manually into an automated 5 minutes process. With this in mind we are always updating this secure desktop software to make the process as simple as possible and making sure the standards are always up to date.

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