About Secure My Desktop

Ever since CMR 17.00 came out in Massachusetts, MSP’s have been tasked in getting computers compliant. As a result, it required long hours and the task had to be repeated a couple of times a year. At that time, the task was making sure computer software, hardware and operating systems were up to date with the latest versions, plus adding password requirements in group policy. This still was not enough to ensure compliance according to the Center for Internet Security Level 1 compliance benchmarks.

Identifying the settings through third-party software

Now that we had the complete picture of what needed to be done for compliance, we needed to identify the settings that were not set properly on customers’ computers. After an extensive search, we found that there were a few products in the marketplace that could do the heavy lifting for us. We started using Tenable.io for customers who could afford it and saw the value. The issues we ran into were cost-related. Customers who purchased Tenable.io faced two charges, the cost of the annual subscription for the software and the labor charge for going around to every computer and applying the settings changes. Customers were getting upset with the rising IT bill.

We decided to develop SMD to do both at a reasonable cost

After seeing the waning desire to remain compliant and the complaints of rising IT costs, we decided to brainstorm on how to deliver compliance without breaking our customers’ bank accounts. After more than a year in development, SecureMyDesktop was complete. Eventually, we picked a few customers to run the desktop version of the scan and fix application. The scan gave the customer a visual of how compliant their computer was, and the fix corrected the issues. Once fixed, the customer could run the scan again and see the great results. Often going from an F grade to an A.

Bringing SecureMyDesktop to the next level

While the desktop version was an awesome tool, it lacked the ability to constantly monitor, scan and manage several customers at once. So, we decided to develop a management portal to do it all. The management portal now gave us the ability to manage our customers’ devices in a single view. We could onboard devices much quicker (from 15 minutes to 3), scan computers from the click of a button, run updates to an entire company, and offboard computers instantly.

Features of Secure My Desktop – MSP Version

  • Get your compliance rating based off of CIS Level 1 Benchmarks
  • Scan one or multiple computers to see their initial compliance score.
  • Customize which main features you would like to keep while staying in compliance
  • Adjust your optional settings on the fly by re-running the update with the options you are looking for
  • Check the about icon for your device and software information