About Secure My Desktop

Secure My Desktop is about to revolutionize how small and medium sized businesses become CIS Level 1 Benchmark Compliant. The idea to implement new security standards to your company always sounds painful, and painfully expensive. With a low price and easy to implement GUI, Secure My Desktop is the easy choice to getting started with security.

Furthermore, we have quick start documentation here, to be you started. This will assist with performing the trial scan and update feature that comes with the professional version!

Features of Secure My Desktop

  • Get your compliance rating based off of CIS Level 1 Benchmarks
  • Updates device settings to put device in compliance with CIS Level 1 Benchmarks
  • Customize which main features you would like to keep while staying in compliance
  • Adjust your optional settings on the fly by re-running the update with the options you are looking for
  • Check the about icon for your device and software information


SecureMyDesktopCIS Level 1 Scan Results