About Us

Helping Your Small Business Get CIS Benchmark Compliant

Secure My Desktop software was created to help small and medium sized businesses become compliant with CIS Level 1 Benchmark Compliant. Read a little more about us and why Secure My Desktop was developed.

At Secure My Desktop, our mission is helping your business get compliant with CIS Level 1 standards. Our passion is to create software to streamline and optimize the CIS benchmarking your business. That way, you don’t have to.

We designed Secure My Desktop using decades of experience securing and hardening devices to CIS Level 1 Benchmark Compliance standards. Although it is only one of the multiple layers in security, CIS Level 1 compliance is one of the key steps to securing your devices. Learn more about the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks.

Check your business devices CIS Level 1 Compliance Score here.

Business users working using their CIS Level 1 Benchmark Compliant devices through SecureMyDesktop software use.