Free Cyber Security Computer Scan

Free Cyber Security Computer Scan

Scanning your device to see how vulnerable your device is based on CIS Benchmark Compliance standards is important. This free cyber security computer scan gives you a way to secure your device to security standards. 


How Vulnerable Can Your Device Be?

Vulnerabilities come in many shapes and sizes. Devices are vulnerable in many different ways. New devices often have apps pre-installed like TikTok or McAfee that have vulnerabilities. Pre-installed apps are vulnerable because they can give hackers access to sensitive company data if the apps aren’t removed. 

Windows devices are vulnerable if Cortana is active and in use. Many pre-installed applications and software like Cortana open your devices to cyber security attacks.

Most cyber security standards for the CIS Benchmarks as a baseline for device security.

Cyber security compliance score using SecureMyDesktop. CIS 1 Benchmarks are the standard for small and medium sized businesses in the United Sates.


The Importance of Securing Your Device to CIS Benchmarks

Device hardening is the process of securing a device to cyber security standards. Device hardening includes removing or disabling unwanted and unsecure software and changing device settings to become compliant with modern cyber security standards like the CIS Level 1 Benchmark standards. 

The Center for internet Security, CIS for short, has created guidelines for businesses of all sizes to use. These guidelines are mandatory for businesses operating in the United States and used as the standard around the world. Therefore, small and medium sized businesses are mandated to use CIS Level 1 Benchmarks to secure their devices and safeguard company data.

Non-compliance with cyber security regulations often result in data breaches and heavy fines.


What Does the Free Cyber Security Computer Scan Include?

The scan provides a comprehensive computer compliance score for your device. 


Get Your Free Cyber Security Computer Scan

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