Use these tutorials to use Secure My Desktop to get your devices CIS Level 1 Benchmark Compliant.

Getting Started With Secure My Desktop

  1. Download the Secure My Desktop installer here.
  2. Run the installer, if you do not have .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime, the installer will install it for you.
  3. Once installation is complete, you may run the software either from your start menu or desktop.
  4. Finally, you will get a prompt to activate the product. If you have purchased Secure My Desktop Pro, you can select the activate option. Then, enter the license information we emailed you after you purchased the product.

Note: If the key you receive by email is not working, please refer to our support team to resolve the issue.

Running your first update

  1. Now that you have the professional version, you may press the scan button from the home page to begin the initial scanning process. This will give you a compliance rating for your device. The rating will let you know if you are within the threshold for CIS Level 1 Benchmark compliance.
  2. Afterwards, you will have an option to fix which will bring you to a menu with all the options you can configure before running your update.
  3. These options are what we call, “optionals”, which are settings that you can check off. Checking off an option will disable it, where the ladder keeps them enabled.
  4. Once you configure the setting you would like, press update.
  5. The rest of the process will complete in a few minutes and once it completes, a new scan will run and give you your new compliance rating!